June 28, 2011

Addilyn's Sunday Discovery

Sunday at a nearby park, Addilyn discovered more of this thing we call grass with her Grammy. Here's a little photo sideshow of how it played out.

She was left sitting by herself in the grass (not on Grammy's lap), tried to crawl back to her, decided she didn't like how it felt, sat back up and squealed while she reached for her, and then after realizing that it wasn't that bad...she started clapping her hands and smiled pretty for the camera. This little girl makes me smile! (A thank you to my sister Kimberly for the photography!) :)

June 27, 2011

Trip to Vernal, Utah!

Last week we went to Vernal. My sister Chrissy had told me that she was having a yard sale and if any of you know her at all..her home decor is beautiful, she has tons of stylish clothes, and she's super crafty. She and her husband have also decided to not have any more children (I mean that in the nicest way, as in they are happy and content with the four beautiful children that they have)...which means she was getting rid of tons of baby/children clothes and toys and items from her stylish home and closet full of clothes. So... I was all over going to Vernal to go through her stuff!! In the process of that and getting ready for the big yard sale day on Saturday...we also had some fun going to the lake, dinosaur museum, pool, and park! All of the kids also had a lot of fun (and I mean a ton of fun) just hanging out and playing in the yard and at home. So warning!! There are a lot of pictures from our trip to Vernal, Utah.

Rylan reading books with cousins Kooper and Khloe. I thought this was such a sweet picture!

The small town of Vernal has there very own dinosaur museum. Rylan (being the boy that he is)... loves dinosaurs. So this was a fun adventure for him!

Me with all of the kids.

What a scary looking dinosaur! I'm surprised he got so close!

Diggin' for bones!

I'm not sure what this tunnel looking thing really was, but Rylan was loving it! He just kept running in circles through it laughing and smiling.

Addilyn strolled along with us. This was a cute facial expression. It makes me wonder what she was thinking when I took the picture.

My sister Christy and her girls Khloe and Kaylee.

They had a small room with lots of little dinosaurs and games to play with.

Addilyn excited to get her own dinosaur to hold on to!

We also went to a nearby lake while we were there. I was excited, but nervous for this one. I wasn't quite sure how Rylan & Addilyn would handle it. It was the first time for both! Rylan was pretty still at first. He walked in ankle deep and just stood there for a while.

After discovering a bucket with Toy Story characters on it (He loves Buzz Light year!), he started to come out of his shell and move around a little more.

He found a hole that someone had dug out in the sand. His cousins were playing in it and thought it looked like fun...

Too much fun though!! He sat down and started splashing that water happy! I guess it was great tasting water too because he sure didn't mind sticking his tongue out to get some of it. He eventually scared his two cousins out of the hole too. They came back though after this spastic episode was over. :)

(Mid Splash)

Can you see the mud/sand all over his head, dripping down his face?! Of course when you get that sandy and messy you've got to wash up some how before getting back into the car. This part he wasn't too fond of though, but what was I to do? :/

He laid like this for the next half hour completely content wrapped in his warm towel.

How did Addilyn do?! Well, after eating some good food she was happy as could be sitting on the towel...

And poking at the sand...

But eventually it was time to see what the lake was all about. I barely dipped her toes in the water and she started crying! Poor little girl didn't want anything to do with it, not even standing up in the sand.

This was her look for the next hour...

Addilyn has mastered crawling! She's been on the move for about 3 weeks now. Although it's been about a month, I was still shocked when I saw her trying to climb up the stairs!

Look how happy this girl is lounging on the couch with her feet up on her cousin Kollin!

We played outside a lot too. Rylan loved the skateboard! We did this one for a while back and forth in the driveway.

Mommy & Addilyn discovering the grass! She didn't scream like Rylan did when I set him in the grass for the first time, but she also didn't move at all (except her arms). :)

Cousin Khloe with Adidlyn

We visited the park that they referred to as the firetruck park as I'm sure you can see why. This is Rylan sitting in a wheel. He's driving his car up and over in this photo (he always has a car in hand where ever we go).

Check out that smile. This kid was so happy the entire time!

Addilyn having an afternoon drink at the park.

Vernal has a really nice rec center with a huge indoor pool with water slides, a water play park area, and even diving boards. I was excited to have Rylan try out the arm floats while we were there. After getting used to not having me hold him the entire time... check this boy out!

(This was only for a couple of seconds so don't think I'm crazy. I didn't let him go off on his own or anything and I still carried him in the deep areas, staying right next to him. It was nice though to let him feel what it was like to float in the water and start kicking his feet.)

This is Rylan after jumping into the pool from the side. He Loved this!! I can't even tell you how many times he did this, over and over and over.

Addilyn... well, she liked chilling in her baby float. She looks soo relaxed!

While waiting for everyone to get dressed and ready, Rylan discovered that he was just the right size to fit inside these lockers. :) Silly kid!

We had SO much fun in with everyone in Vernal and we can't wait to go back soon!! This is Rylan on the way home. He fell asleep with a sucker in his mouth.

Thanks Ashcraft family for entertaining and letting us stay with you...plus all of the awesome stuff I scored from your yard sale!! :)

June 26, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk with Kimmy

So back in May (I know that was two months ago :/)... but my sister Kimberly came over and we decided to go outside and let Rylan discover sidewalk chalk for the first time. He did a lot better then I thought he would and it kept his attention for about fifteen minutes before he left us for the park instead. :)

Kimberly tracing Rylan's body...

Rylan...not really sure what was going on.

Drawing the face on his body...

I didn't trust little Addiyn with a stick of chalk so she sat on the blanket and chewed on my camera case instead. :)

Kimberly is the artistic one in the family. This is her having her own little fun with sidewalk chalk!

She'll be moving in with us soon, so you may see a lot more of her in our photos. We're excited to have her come stay for a little while!

June 24, 2011

Happenings in May & June

I can't believe we are less than a week away from July! May and June flew by! What have we been up to you ask?!? Well, Kyle and I went to Vegas for 5 days with his brother Jeff and Sister Kristin with hubby Seth. My sister Chrissy watched Rylan & Addilyn for a week while we were gone. It was the longest that I had ever been away from them. It was the first time away from Addilyn and only the second time away from Rylan (in almost two years)....so to say the least, it was time! It was an adjustment, but needed and we had a blast in Las Vegas! I really appreciate Chrissy taking on six kids total (4 of her own plus my 2 little ones) all under the age of seven...crazy, right!?

Anyways, we've had Kyle's parents come to visit as well from Colorado. Rylan eventually warmed up to them. He had so much fun.... this is Papa giving Rylan a horsey ride, he had the biggest smile on his face the entire time!

Reading a train book that Nana & Papa bought him. Once again, he was so excited! Look how into this book he was. He didn't move at all.

I swear they spent time with Addilyn too. They apparently must have all of the pictures on their camera though because I couldn't find them. We loved having them visit. It had been way too long since we'd last seen them!

My cousin Mike got married over Father's Day weekend and we had a lot of family come in from out of town for that too. It was so fun to see everyone!! I then decided to go to Vernal this past week to visit my sister Chrissy. We had a great time with all six kiddos and I plan to post about that trip separately...lots of cute pictures!!

And in between all of those big events, we've been busy making memories playing at home. Here are some random photos over the past two months to prove it :)

Rylan climbed into Addilyn's crib after her nap one day. He was so excited! They were yelling and laughing and having so much fun. (It took two pictures to get both looking and smiling at the camera though).

My mom (Grammy) came over to visit one evening. This is her playing "Bull Frog" with both Rylan and Addilyn on her lap at the same time.

It may be hard to see, but they both are smiling and laughing in this photo! Lots of fun with Grammy!

We do a lot of laundry around this house. Rylan likes to walk around with the empty laundry baskets on his head? (I didn't teach him that...I seriously don't know where he learns all of this stuff from.) He got inside the bigger one for a minute and I decided to throw Addilyn in too to take them for a little ride around the house.

We've had a lot more randomness go on, but we'll end there for now. July is a busy month with the holidays in the beginning and end of the month, our 4th year wedding anniversary, and my trip to Virginia for a week and a half (I haven't been back since before Rylan was born). Busy, busy summer... but we're definitely soakin' it up!