July 29, 2008

Summer Update

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. This past month honestly went by slow, however there’s been so much we've done! First off the 4th of July came and went… We went to Provo. This is Kyle and I waiting for the fireworks.

Then a few days later I took off to Virginia! My brother Eric returned from his mission in Las Vegas. I spent a week with my family and then picked up Kyle from the airport and headed to Williamsburg, Virginia where we celebrated our one year anniversary! It was great to just do what we wanted to all day without having anyone or anything to answer to. We had a great time, ate lots of food, and learned a lot too.

This is us at Shield's Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. It was really authentic for the time period!

The day after we got back, we headed to Smith Mountain Lake for a family reunion.
We spent about four days there doing lots of things. There was the pool, small “beach” at the lake, speed boat, cliff jumping, knee and wake boarding, tubing, pontoon boats we went cruising on, and lots more. It was a lot of fun in the sun and time well spent with my wonderful family, but we were definitely all swimmed out at the end.

When we returned home a week ago, I discovered that I had forgotten my laptop back in Virginia. I had to wait a week to receive it in the mail. So I spent last week doing a lot of reading, working out (I ate way too much in Virginia), pulling some school things together, organizing, and taking care of my cats. I took Kiwi and Tiggy in to get spaded and declawed the day we got back. I never thought I would have to “babysit” cats but they were really annoying after their surgery. I ended up having to buy cones to put around their heads because they were licking their surgical areas too much and that would cause the wounds to open up again which equals more money to spend. These are a few pictures of how goofy they looked.

Since they couldn’t lick anything, they eventually discovered that they could help each other out and do the job for the other.

After getting my computer out, I left the box on the ground and a little while later found this.

Lame I know, but they’re fun cats. They keep me entertained. Well, since I’ve been back, I have already finished setting up my classroom for the upcoming school year and now just have some planning to do with the first few weeks of school in curriculum. I sadly have watched a lot of movies and t.v. since I’ve been home too. I don’t have much else to do... or is it that I don’t have much motivation to do it? I did decide to bake an apple pie with all of this time on my hands. I forgot how long it takes to make one, especially with making my own crust. It was definitely worth it though Delicious! I know it's silly to have taken a picture of it... but I was proud. :)

Well that’s about it for the update of my summer so far. I have one more month until school begins. I am honestly looking forward to it. The new Twilight book “Breaking Dawn” comes out in just a few days (August 2nd) so my life will be put on hold for that time. Yes, I am one of the million who absolutely LOVE the Twilight Saga. Its soo good! I’m really excited!