September 29, 2007

Honeymoon- Disney World

We thought we'd share some photos from our honeymoon trip to Disney World!! It was so much fun!! We had a blast!! Kyle hadn't been back since he was a little boy and I had never been before period. I don't mean to sound cliche but it really was magical walking through the park and attending all the different shows, watching fireworks every night, seeing the different princesses from Disney movies, the endless plates of scrumptious food, and so much more! We were there for an entire week and Kyle ended the trip with a surprise carriage ride through these gardens at one of the resorts. It was really romantice! Despite the miles upon miles that we walked and the humid weather in the middle of July, this trip is something we'll never forget!

Our Wedding Day - July 13th, 2007 in the Washington D.C. Temple!!!

September 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We found this cute little basement apartment about 2 in a half months ago in Orem, Utah. It was perfect considering it was right down the road from Kyle’s work and close to the campus. Kyle plans on attending the winter semester so it will be good for him to be close. Work is going well for him these days. They’re beginning to realize the smart, hard working man he really is and have given him lots of new responsibilities! I (Stacey) have enjoyed a great two week break from teaching but we’ll be returning to school on Tuesday! Although it's been great sleeping in and getting caught up on life.... I’m excited to get back to the normal routine of things and to see my kids again. Teaching is definitely not what I pictured it to be but honestly, I’m having a blast! Here are some pictures of our apartment. It's a bit of an antique style, but we like it!