June 15, 2009

Update :)

So April and May were a busy, but fast two months. I can’t believe that we’re more than half way through with June already! So here’s an update with the past few months up until now. My sister Chrissy and her family came into town back in the beginning of May. Kyle and I joined her family for a day at the zoo. We couldn't remember the last time we had been to the zoo, so it was a fun visit to be a kid again and check out all the different animals. We took a lot of pictures of the animals of course, but this is a picture of Kyle at the zoo kid park. I didn’t think he could fit, so he wanted to prove me wrong.

(He's a turtle in case you can’t tell.)

We also moved from Orem to West Jordan. It’s closer to where I work in Draper, so the commute isn’t too long and dull now. Kyle also found a new job working for ebay that isn’t too far down the road either. It’s a nice apartment complex, a little bigger from our last apartment so we're slowly moving up. :) The ward here has been very friendly. We're excited to get involved.

Towards the end of May my mom, sister Kimmy, and good friend Colleen took a road trip from Virginia to Utah. They were here for about a week. They first stopped in Vernal, Utah where my sister Chrissy and brother Timmy live. They invited me to come stay for the weekend and threw me a fun little baby shower. There were many pictures to choose from, but here's a shot of a my two sisters and I.

It was an entertaining and beautiful shower where we had a delicious lunch and played some silly baby shower games. You know, the usual... sniffing diapers filled with nasty looking food that we had to name. I got a ton of great stuff to help prepare for baby Nielsen (we haven't decided on a name yet)! Seriously, thank you so much for all the gifts!! It's been such a huge help and blessing since we started with absolutely nothing.

While in Vernal we went to Flaming Gorge for a day! There was a lot to see all throughout that area, definitely beautiful. We even stopped by the Flaming Gorge Dam. After the trip to Vernal, my family came to Salt Lake City. We went around to the normal sites. It had been a while since I've sort of "toured" Salt Lake, so it was fun to see some of the historical church sites and so forth again. Last but not least, for those who have been asking… Here you are!

This is me at 31 weeks. I've been hesitating posting pictures of myself. In my own eyes... I feel like a cow so I haven't wanted to post any. Honestly, this picture does not make me look as big as I feel! I know I still have a long ways to go and rumor has it that about this time is when the baby is really supposed to grow. So I'll have to post another picture in a month or so. I'm at the stage where I'm beginning to be uncomfortable when I try to sit or sleep and the aching back is starting to be a constant issue. I'm honestly ready to be done. I'm so excited for baby Nielsen's arrival! It's a good thing that he's not here yet though. Besides the fact that we still haven't picked a name, :) I do still have a lot more to get organized and ready before he comes. Summer break for me started a week ago, but I went to a conference all last week. So this will be my first real week of summer. Trust me; I've got the projects lined up! I just hope I have enough energy each day to accomplish it all. It's so ironic how tired I get and so quickly too. Well, until next time!

June 7, 2009

School's Out

It has been a busy past 2 in a half months and so much has happened! Sadly, I'll have to catch you all up a little later. I just wanted to post a quick slideshow of my last week of school with my awesome 5th grade class. It was a crazy week with Hat day and Crazy hair day, our 5th grade Olympics, Jogapalooza (Fun Run), Field Day and much much more. I took a lot of pictures and I told my kids I'd be posting them on my blog for them to see. So here's my crazy 5th grade class. You may not quite understand what's happening in these pictures (sorry), but they will. They have honestly been so awesome this year! I have really enjoyed these last few months. Friday was my last day of school and I can honestly say that I was sad to say goodbye! Summer break now has officially started though, so much to do since everything was put on hold because of the many tasks to complete at the end of the school year. So I'm not sure how much of a summer break it will be, but at least I'll have some time to sleep in, breath, and catch up with life. Two months until baby Nielsen arrives and I can honestly say I haven't done a thing. I'll post again soon about our big move, family in town, trip to the zoo, baby shower, and yes... a picture of my prego self (for those who've been asking to see one). :)