March 27, 2011

This past week...

Smiley Addilyn!!

Rylan- dumped the blocks, pushed the bucket all the way to the kitchen, turned it upside down, climbed on top, opened the drawer, grabbed the hot pad... all on his own. :)

March 18, 2011

The Garbage Truck!

Okay... I can't believe that I'm actually going to post about this, but Rylan gets soo happy and excited every time I just had to.

So you know how pathetic your life is when watching the garbage truck has become a normal part of your routine every other day. We live in an apartment complex with no vehicle during the days to go anywhere. Kyle takes our only car to work which honestly hasn't been so bad with it being winter and freezing outside (I don't really want to go anywhere). So with no vehicle we've had to become creative with our days. :)

Over the winter it has become a tradition in a way around 10:00am to watch the garbage truck. Right outside Rylan's window is a perfect view of the nearest dumpster to our apartment. In our living room and kitchen we can hear the garbage truck for a little bit stopping at all the other dumpsters before it gets to this one. When Rylan hears the loud noise and banging of the dumpsters he goes running to his room to where he can see it!

He'll wait and wait....
Rylan waiting for the garbage truck.

Until it finally appears!! I love his reaction every time!

This is what he can see from his window. :)

On this particular day Addilyn was actually watching and really into it (she normally just looks around the room or at Rylan).

She was so funny, she giggled every time there was a loud bang noise. I'm just glad she was smiling rather then crying.

I asked Rylan what he was looking at out the window. This is him grinning as he said "tuck" (truck).

I guess it's not that pathetic. Rylan loves to watch the garbage truck and calls out "more, more" every time after it drives away. It's just silly how something so small to us, like the garbage truck picking up trash, is soo exciting in the eyes of a little boy!

March 16, 2011

February 22nd we celebrated Kyle's 26th birthday! Of all the days both children could have been sick, they picked Daddy's birthday. However, my mom bravely came over that evening to watch the two of them so we could go out to dinner to celebrate his big day! A few photos:

Sick little Rylan fell asleep on Daddy.

This was Rylan... allll day long. He has never been so sick to where he slept on the couch literally all day only waking up for 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. It was so sad. He's usually bouncing off the walls and can barely sit long enough to eat all of his lunch.

That evening after the medicine set in, Rylan and Addilyn both woke up enough to watch Daddy make a wish!

Addilyn enjoying Kyle's birthday balloons!

Rylan is now 19 months old. He loves to try to sit in Addilyn's things around the house like her bouncer, Bebe pod seat, her toycastle (an exersaucer), and even on her blanket. He thinks it's so much fun!

Rylan is really into trains right now. He'll make a train out of everything. Here he is lining up his cars to make a "car" train... Everything that drives is "Choo choo" to him.

Addilyn is 7 months old. She has two teeth now on the bottom (hard to see in this photo, but they're there)!

This is Addilyn's signature look! She never took a binky ever since she was a few weeks old. She'd spit them out and her fingers would slip right in. The funny thing is that it's only her two middle fingers...every time! I find it frustrating (because I can never take those cute little fingers away like I could a binky when she gets a little older) but for now, she's pretty darn cute!

She is still constantly full smiles and such a happy baby!

I love her expressions! This photo makes me smile!

Rylan is finally learning to share a little with her. He's learned to ask nicely instead of just yanking every toy she has away from her. He loves to hold, hug, and try tickling her. And he greets her every morning with a very high pitched "Hiiiiii" when he sees her for the first time. It's the sweetest thing!

Reading some books before bed. I couldn't believe I got everyone to smile at the same time.

I taught 5th grade for three years before I quit to stay home with my two adorable kids. Every March 14th our grade would celebrate pi day (3.14). We'd do some activities in math to teach what pi was and depending on the class I taught we would even practice some pi math with measuring circles and so forth. The kids would bring in pie that day and at the end of math we would stuff our faces with yummy slices of a variety of pies.

Well, I couldn't pass up this fun excuse to enjoy some yummy pie so we celebrated pi day this year too for dessert. Rylan LoVeD it!! He kept saying "Mo Peese" (More please) over and over and even after I took him down from the high chair, he came over to me for another bite and then to kyle and so forth. It was a fun little tradition to start even though I'm no longer teaching.

Sweet Addilyn was just staring at me as I ate it and I felt awful. So I couldn't help myself; I had to sneak her a little taste. Oh man... she LoVeD it!! Look at that smile!! :)