June 20, 2008

My 5th Grade Class!

My first year of teaching officially ended one week ago. It was such a great year! Very stressful at times, but in the end so worth it. I absolutely loved the kids I worked with. They were really helpful and patient as I was learning to accommodate all the many things teachers do in their first year. I will definitely miss them though!

There were a lot of different events taking place the last day of school. We had Crazy Hair Day, Accessories Day, Pajama Day, Field Day, the Fun Run (which turned out to be a rainy day, but that didn't stop them) and so forth. I brought my camera in to capture it all and ended up taking quite a few pictures of my 5th grade class (especially on field day). So I told my class that I would post the pictures on my blog so that they could see them all. So this might not be that exciting nor may you understand what they are doing in some of these pictures unless you were there for this week. Hopefully my class will enjoy it. I think some of these pictures turned out really cool!

New Car!

I finally decided to go through with buying a new car. I've been debating for a few months now and decided that 86,000 miles is getting pretty high. I wanted to get rid of my Dodge Intrepid before there were any problems. After a very very long process, I was able to come home with my new ride....a 2008 Mazda 3. It's very nice and I'm a huge fan! Although I still thought the coolest part was how they gave me a full tank of gas before they sent me home. This was way nice considering the price of gas these days. :)