August 30, 2011

Addilyn's Mischief

Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share of my little mischievous Addilyn over the past two months. She is walking, still crawling, and has just begun the climbing! I'm surprised at how high she can get sometimes! She is into everything and everywhere! See for yourself....

She crawled under here all on her own!

Clearing the book shelf and then fussing because she got stuck.

Discovering what was under the bathroom sink...

Unrolling the toilet paper roll...

I don't even know how she got up here... but don't worry, she was down as quick as she got up!

And she loves anything electronics!

She is very secretive when she finds something she shouldn't be into. She gets very quiet... and that's when I know!

I love this little girl to pieces. Just look at that face!!

Visit from Nana & Papa!

Kyle's parents came into town from Colorado for basically the month of August. They were here to participate in a number of events, part of which included Rylan and Addilyn's birthdays! It was great to have them here for so long and to spend so much time with them!

Rylan loves to read books! Nana had brought him some special Cars books which he was really into!

Robyn, Kyle's mom, graduated from BYU! We are so proud of her and grateful that we were able to be part of such an exciting occasion!

My sister Chrissy and her kids came from Vernal to visit during one of the weeks that they were here. We were headed down to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point and Nana and Papa were able to join us!

Rylan loved the museum and all of the huge dinosaurs! While trying to take a picture in front of one, he was already pointing at the next... (Papa & Rylan)

This is Rylan next to one of the legs of a dinosaur. It's hard to comprehend just how large they were. Rylan is only as tall as it's foot!

Nana & Addilyn next to an ancient sea turtle. (At least that's what I think it is?) :)

They had a water play area with running water, sand, and toy dinosaurs to play with. It was definitely a favorite!

At the end of the museum there was an area where kids could kick off their shoes and pretend to dig for dinosaur bones in the sand. Rylan the paleontologists....

One more of Nana, Rylan, Addilyn, and Papa.

They also went to Education Week while they were here and then ended their trip spending a few more days with their grandkids! The kids really warmed up to them and loved spending time with them! We are really looking forward to Christmas! We are going to Colorado this year to spend it with Kyle's family! Thank you Nana and Papa for all of the fun memories made during your trip out here to Utah!!

One More Birthday Celebration :)

Rylan and Addilyn are exactly one week and a year apart. I knew it was asking a lot to have family and friends come over two Saturdays in a row to celebrate their birthdays with us. Plus, my Mom and sister wouldn't be in town for either of their actual birthdays too. So we invited everyone over at a nearby park in the middle of the week to play games, eat yummy food, and celebrate these two goobers below...

We played a couple of games between playing at the park, eating, and decorating sugar cookies in the shape of trains and ladybugs. Below is Rylan wearing the conductor hat as his cousin Khloe helps him play the game Red Light, Green Light!

Sweet little Addilyn!

My sister Kimberly made Rylan's birthday cake last year and she just happened to be in town again this year too. So she and her creative self whipped up this awesome train cake for Rylan! Such a neat idea!! The kids loved it!!

Both kiddos blew out their birthday candles...

And then we played a little more! It was just fun being able to spend the evening with family and friends. We were so grateful for those who were able to make it midweek to spend some time with us.

Addilyn loving her Tickle Me Elmo...

Rylan sporting his cool Thomas the Train sunglasses while opening another present... silly kid!

I am definitely content with enough birthday celebrations until next year! I am so grateful to be able to spend all day everyday with these two kiddos. They sure keep me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

August 29, 2011

Addilyn's First Birthday!!

Addilyn turned one August 13th!! I cannot believe that it has been an entire year since this little princess joined our family. She surprises me everyday with the things that she does and the words that she is beginning to say. I guess it's because in my head she's still my little baby. She's growing up way too fast!

We decided to take Addilyn somewhere she could enjoy roaming free in a "safe" environment. So we went to the inside park at the mall where there were lots of soft toys to climb all over and even a cushioned floor to fall down onto. It was a very simple yet fun way to let Addilyn have some of her own little fun! The best part was that we got there shortly after the mall had opened so there was no one there!! I didn't have to worry about big kids running her over. She was able to explore that little world all on her own... and she LoVeD it!!

Daddy and Addilyn at the top of the slide!

Her favorite was to actually climb up the slide! And since there were no other children around to share the slide with, she was able to go up the slide as many times as she wanted to. You can tell by her expression in the picture below just how much fun she was having! She could climb from the bottom to the top all by herself!

After playing at the park for a little while, we went over to ride on some of the quarter rides.

I don't think she knew really what to think about it all. She sat pretty still without much movement as the rides rocked back and forth :)

My Mom wanted to take Rylan on the train around the mall for his birthday the weekend before, but she was out of town to California. So she met us at the mall and took both Addilyn and Rylan for the ride. Rylan has been chasing this train around the mall since he could walk- no joke! So he was pretty ecstatic to hop on board!

Rylan in front of the train!

I'm not sure what this picture was about, but I thought it was a cute one of Addilyn posing on her special day!

Later that night we had family over to celebrate. Addiyln didn't even bother trying to blow out her candles. She just kept looking at everyone, smiling! So Nana helped her out :)

Lucky duck got to have this little cake all to herself! It took her a little bit to dig in, but as you can tell below... she enjoyed herself!!

Although most of the pictures above don't show it, Addilyn was not feeling very well this day. She only made it half way through opening her presents before she started melting down. It was an early night for her, but it was a special day! Addilyn is such a ray of sunshine in our lives. She is the happiest baby and is forever smiling! I love this girl!!

August 26, 2011

Rylan Turned Two!!

We celebrated Rylan's second birthday August 6th... he has an obsession with trains, specifically Thomas the Tank Engine. One of his favorite shows is Dinosaur Train as well and the list of his love could go on and on. We thought it would be fun to let Rylan ride a real train for his birthday. So we headed out to Heber Valley Railroad and spent the day.

Waiting to board!!

He was full of smiles! Especially when the train blew its whistle!!

This train ride took us through the Deer Creek Reservoir and then along the Provo River. It was a very laid back scenic type of ride.

I've heard others call this the Heber Creeper and I figured that just meant it was old... but I quickly found out that this train literally crept along the path. It was slow enough for them to leave windows up and Rylan to stick his head out for the entire time. The picture below is Rylan for the first hour basically. He just sat there with his head out the window watching everything pass by.

Kyle got a shot of him by sticking his head out another window. Rylan got a kick out of it.

Kyle's parents came from Colorado to spend a couple of weeks here in Utah with everyone. We were so glad that they were able to make it and join us on the train ride. Below is Papa, Nana, Addilyn, and Rylan.

Afterward we went to eat at the very popular Dairy Keen - Home of the Train. I had heard about it, but had never been there before. It was seriously delicious!! They're milkshakes would be worth the 45 minute drive out there. They had a little kiddy train with tables to sit at. We actually sat inside where it was a little cooler, but afterward they came out and played around on it.

Addilyn on the train!

We did cake and presents later that night. Rylan was so excited to blow out the candle!

I was surprised that he was eating his cake so neatly, with his fork especially!

But it didn't last too long. He dug right in after tasting the first bite.

Rylan got a train table from us for his birthday! Anytime we go somewhere with a train table whether it be a friends home, doctors office, or wherever it might be... it is very difficult to pull him away without any tears. We found a great deal on one and he was so excited!!

I can't believe this little guy is two! He's full of so much energy and I love being able to have short conversations with him now that he is talking in sentences. I love his sweet kisses on the cheeks and bear hugs and can't imagine life without him!!

August 23, 2011

Fun in August with the Ashcrafts!

My sister Chrissy and her four kids from Vernal came to the city to hang out for two weeks. We had so much fun hanging out with them each day!! How I wish they lived closer!! Here are a lot- really... a lot... of pictures from some of the things we did each day!

We went to a really neat pool up in Bountiful with lots of water toys!! Rylan of course stuck to his favorite thing to do at most water parks we've visited over this summer, which was to run back and forth over and over through these water fountains!

However, on this trip, Rylan did find a new love. He was able to go down the big water slide on my lap. He would smile and squeal the whole way down only to scream "more, more" as soon as we were off at the bottom! I lost count of how many times we went on this water slide. He absolutely loved it! (Hard to see, but this is Rylan and I coming down.)

He also loved crawling around in the shallow end... He did this forever as well.

Addilyn got to chill in her floaty. When she could touch in the shallow end, she would push herself along the floor of the pool. She'd get this huge smile as she realized what she was doing.

Another day we went downtown to the Discovery Gateway children's museum. We've been here many times before, but Addilyn wasn't as mobile. So it was fun to see her explore a little on her own.

This was one of Rylan's favorites... riding the tractor all around!

Addilyn's first time on a horse.... love that it's not real! She's so tiny up there!

Afterward we walked over to the water fountains at the Gateway. The kids all brought their swimsuits excited to get wet! Rylan was in heaven!

Little water fountains before "the fountain music show".....

When the music starts every half hour, the water fountains get much bigger and go along with music of course.... I know it's hard to see, but check out Rylan's face. He looks so overwhelmed with excitement he doesn't know what to do!

Addilyn enjoyed a little of it too. She sat on the edge where there were little spouts of water that splashed her every now and then. She's a pro at walking now...but when this picture was taken, she was practicing a couple steps. She loves to clap at herself after she does. :)

This was a funny picture to see most of the boys together.... sunbathing. Even Rylan had to join in.

Another day we went over to the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine. It's one of the largest copper mines in the world and was quite a site to see!

These are the trucks that drive up and down to transport the material. Although they look quite small from a distance....

This is how big their wheels were. HUGE!! Rylan, Addilyn, and myself are so tiny compared to it!

Inside their small museum, Rylan of course found trucks! He stared for a couple of minutes like a little boy in a candy shop! He's so funny.

Mommy & Addilyn

On August 11th we celebrated Chrissy's birthday! She picked Outback for dinner which was delicious... below is a picture of all minus one child that sat at our table! We had six kids and five adults. Good times! I'm glad we were able to celebrate it with her!

Rylan is in love with anything trains. So Chrissy thought it'd be fun to go ride the UTA FrontRunner. We rode it up a little ways, got off, did some shopping, and then hopped back on. It was so simple and so much fun!

Myself with Addilyn

Chrissy & Rylan

Chrissy's kids, from the left... Kaylee-Khloe-Kollin-Kooper

Ryland & Addilyn checking out the tracks!

We ate lots of yummy food throughout their trip... Below is at Firehouse Subs. This is Addilyn and her cousin Kooper who was trying to get her to sport one of the free, cool, fireman hats. It made me laugh, so I thought I'd throw it in there too.

There are probably a hundred more photos.... we had so much fun and although after two weeks I'm sure they were ready to head back home... we were sad to see them go!