October 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Point Family Home Evening

This week for family home evening we decided to check out the Corn Maze up at Thanksgiving Point! There was a riddle that could be solved by going to all of the little "Clue Boxes 1-10" scattered throughout the maze. It was really fun at first to find the clues (meaning that we were headed the right way)...but it started to get old after we walked by box 8 a couple of times. We probably spent about 45 minutes just looking for box #5 & #6. Needless to say, we found our way to all the clues and were able to solve the riddle at the end. They gave us a token to visit the Pumpkin Canon for winning. We tried to hit a fake cow across the field by shooting a pumpkin out of a canon. It was a lot harder then it looked. It was the perfect night though, 65 degrees and very clear. We enjoyed a night away from home for once. It seems like there's lots of things to do for FHE during the Holidays :)

October 28, 2007

Colonial Day at Summit Academy

I thought it'd be fun to post some pictures of our Colonial Day at school last week. I sort of mentioned it before, but I'll review.

We've been studying the colonial times in History and the 5th grade decided to go all the way and even become a "Colonial School" for the day. The teachers dressed up as old fashioned colonial schoolmasters with bonnets and all and treated their class like they would if we lived back then. Most schoolmasters didn't allow children to ask questions and anytime they spoke, they would have to stand. We brought in the Dunce cap to wear and of course we couldn't hit the kids so instead I made them do wall sits...it would hurt in the end depending on how long they did it for:) It was a lot of fun. We had a fake fire where the students’ homework the night before was to bring in a stick. Those who did not bring in their stick would have to sit at the back of the fire and basically freeze (as back then they had no heaters).

My kids said that the discipline worked (meaning they behaved afterwards) and tried to convince me that I should keep doing it for the rest of the year. Although tempting, it took away from the learning in the classroom and was really distracting. But it was fun for the day and hopefully my class will be more grateful and realize how nice I really am.

Adorable Husband

We made Stroganoff for our Sunday dinner today. I asked Kyle if he would cut the meat and the next thing I see is this picture above. I couldn't help myself....He was so cute all decked out in my apron. I love this man! He's so helpful with everything and simply wonderful!! :)

October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening last night! Kyle really got into his:) He says his least favorite part of carving pumpkins is having to gut them...which oddly enough is my favorite! I cooked the pumpkin seeds to eat afterwards too. Delicious! Halloween is only a week away! Kyle and I are excited. I have to dress up for work and Kyle's work is throwing a Halloween party too. So we both get to dress up this year! It's been almost two years since I’ve dressed up as anything for Halloween. I'm excited we're getting into the spooky spirit this year:)

October 20, 2007

New Responsibilities

Kyle got a hair cut today, so we thought it'd be something to post since it's been so long. Life is still great! We finally got a calling in our new ward. We both were called to be the activity chairmen. So we get to plan things like the Christmas social and so forth. I guess this ward does a huge family ward campout in the summer too, so we’ll be over that as well. It should be fun! I'm excited about it because it's just like me to organize and plan things (taking it from my mother's talent), but Kyle's a little indifferent. He’s more excited to teach Elders quorum (that's his "second" calling I guess you can say). He teaches on the second Sunday of every month.

We also are both giving talks tomorrow in church! It's my second talk in 4 months. Some how they keep catching me:) School is busy as ever. This week we are having a Colonial Day, where we will spend the whole school day in the life of colonial times. The teachers are dressing up in their bonnets and all. We get to be super strict with the students (since that’s how they were back then), placing them on a chair and giving them the dunce cap to wear and so forth. I think it’ll be an enjoyable day!

Kyle's picked up some extra projects at work so he’s staying busy as well. He’s in the middle of building a P-22 Lighting airplane model. It looks very tricky and difficult, I don’t know where he finds the fun in it:) I know it takes talent though! Well, that's about it for now, until next time!