January 19, 2011

The January Scoop

Nothing new is really going on around here. I just thought I'd post an update though. Enjoy the random pictures! :)

Addilyn is 5 Months old now- Where oh where did my little baby go? :( I love her expressions...

We bought snow boots for Rylan this winter so we could go out and play in the snow and go sledding too...he loves them! I think they may make him feel taller or something? He is constantly bringing me these boots throughout the day and he'll walk all over the house in them. :) Too funny!

We've been working a lot on animal sounds lately and I pulled out Kyle's stuffed elephant that he's had since before we were married. This is Rylan's new best friend! He runs and tackles, hugs, and lays all over it! It may have to become a permanent decoration in the living room :)

Rylan has had so much fun with Addilyn these past few weeks! He is so attentive to her! Whether it's tummy time or she's just sitting there with her toys, Rylan will sit right next to her and start babbling all sorts of things. He tries to tickle her and he'll play with her toys and then hand it to her. It's sweet when she starts to fuss too because he'll go over and pat her on the head (What a sweetheart!) Addilyn's eyes follow him wherever he goes in the room as well. I can't imagine how much fun they will have together when she starts crawling!

January 2, 2011

Fun with Rylan

Rylan has this Tickle Monster book that he's had for a while, but lately he's been really into it. The tickle monster paws are for the parent to read during the story...I decided to put them on Rylan one day after reading and he went crazy with them. He ran around the house tickling everything...such a goober!

Rylan also got a bunch of Mega Blocks for Christmas!

He mostly loves to dump them out and then put them back in the bucket, but he's beginning to get into the building part of it all.

I started to build a fence the other day and he added with his tall tower below.

After we built for a little I pointed inside the fenced area and asked him what we should put inside. I suggested for us to get his little farm animals, but as I got up to get them...he stepped inside and decided to have a seat.

He had a pretty big smile as I asked him what he was doing... :)

Random Photos:

Playing in the blinds...

Lounging in Addilyn's bouncer...

We absolutely love, love this little man!