January 24, 2010

Mystery Dinner

So I'm back to attempting my goal of posting updates every Sunday. Even though it's now 10:00pm...it's still Sunday! So this totally counts. We had a pretty busy weekend full of shopping, baby showers, seeing a few homes, cleaning and a mystery dinner at a friends. Kyle and I had never been to a mystery dinner before. We were given a character and told to dress the part. I was Monica Gestetner, a neurosurgeon who owned her own private practice in California. Kyle was John Allured, a mystery and intrigue script writer who was very Hollywood and was suppose to dress up ready to hit the clubs. Kyle enjoyed acting out his character over dinner and was pretty good at it too. We didn't want to have to worry about paying a sitter to go, so we asked if Rylan could come along. :) (He'd be asleep for most of it anyways.) We dressed him to look like a little detective, since it was a mystery dinner. The hat looks more like a train director to me, but they got the idea. It was similar to the game of Clue where you guess the murderer, intent, weapon and so forth. However, neither of us guessed correctly...but it still made for an entertaining and fun dinner! We had a great time.

January 15, 2010

Update from the Holidays!

Christmas, New Years, they have all come and gone! Now that we are almost to the end of January, I'm finally almost caught up with all the little things. One last thing I've been meaning to do is to post an update (it's been a while). The holiday season was perfect. It was a wonderful break from school, filled with lots of family and sweet memories! I meant to post a few pictures of Rylan before we went to Colorado. Below are a few pictures of him in December when he was 4 months old.

(Learning to sit up all on his own-with a little support.)

(Completley out after a fun day at church.)

(Sweet smiles to Mommy!)

(No worries... It's a wrapped candy cane! He was just too cute!)

We went to Colorado to visit Kyle's family for Christmas! He got to meet his Papa (Kyle's dad) for the first time as well as his other fun Aunts and Uncles and two little cousins too! It was a great trip and we made some great memories for Rylan's first Christmas. There were so many pictures to choose from, sadly here are only a few! :)

(First plane ride!!)

(First photo with Santa!!)

(Hanging out with Nana.)

(Christmas Day - Family Photo!)

After our trip to Colorado, my Mom and sister Kimmy from Virginia came out to visit. We headed to Vernal, Utah for New Years to see more family! It was of course tons of fun with everyone together (words cannot describe)! There were a lot of pictures from this trip as well, but I tried to pick just a few.

(Kyle sledding)

(Rylan and Grammy!)

(Cousins in Vernal! What a couch full of cute kids!!)

(Grammy bought matching shirts for all the boy cousins... cute picture!)

Sorry, my goal was to make what could be a novel, a short and sweet post. This is only the icing on the cake! We had such a great break and did so much more then what I mentioned here! Kyle and I feel like we have started the new year off to a great start. However, after a few weeks of getting back into the normal routine of things, we sure do miss all of our family and friends!! Too bad next Christmas and New Years is a whole year a way. :) Maybe its a good thing though too... it was very busy! Life is treating us well though and we know that we have been blessed with so much during this past holiday season and at the start of this new year (can't complain)!!