April 4, 2010

What's new with Rylan?

Sweet little Rylan!! Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been on Spring Break. I can't believe there's only one day left. It didn't feel like very much when a weekend fell right in the middle of it all. I did say I'd post some updated pictures during Spring break sometime, so here they are!

Rylan has been so much fun, especially this last month. He is so full of smiles and laughs and just into everything around him. He's not crawling yet, but He bounces when he's sitting up and slowly moves toward an object he wants. When on his belly, the only direction he moves is backwards; He gets pretty frustrated when he's reaching for something in front of him, and as he moves trying to grab it he just gets further and further away from it. It's kinda cute though. :) He loves playing peek-a-boo and is really good at pulling himself up on things. Here's a picture of him standing and playing at the table. He looks mad, but he was in the middle of talking or should I say 'babbling' in this picture.

His first two teeth came in a few weeks ago. They're hard to see, but they make his smile just that much cuter....(capturing it on camera is another issue, even with all his smiles!)

We've been taking lots of video of him as well, but my computer is nearly dead and downloading anything more to it will probably finish it off, especially with the amount of video I have to look at. So I'm waiting for our new computer to come in before I show some of Rylan in action.

This past weekend we of course had the opportunity to enjoy conference in the comfort of our own home. It was a little different having to entertain Rylan throughout, but we made it through. He was really into it all. I'm not sure if it was the colors on the tv, or the voices, but we got a little picture of Rylan watching his first General Conference...

Easter morning was fun with Rylan being a little older. If only the Easter bunny knew he just needed to give Rylan a basket of grass to be happy, he could have saved some money :) Here's a picture of him when we first sat him down in front of his basket...

He made a mess pulling all the grass out, but he was happy! He also got a big yellow ducky which he just loved!

Rylan's first Easter!

Here's a few other cute, random pictures:

Like father, like son: