November 29, 2009


It’s been almost another month since we’ve posted (crazy how fast time flies). We thought we'd post some updated pictures of Rylan. He’ll be 4 months old next Sunday. He’s doing well, almost sleeping through the night, pushing up on his arms during belly time and has rolled over too (just once, but yeah!), he got his first tooth a few weeks ago, and is such a chatter box. We absolutely love this little boy so much, especially his gum filled smiles.

(I love his huge brown bug eyes!)

(Rylan helping Mommy cook!)

We went to my brother in law’s family's home for Thanksgiving this year. We’re grateful they welcomed us with open arms. Here's a few cute pictures of Rylan throughout Thanksgiving Day!

(My Cousins passed me around....they love holding me!)

(Aunt Chrissy and cousin Kaylee)

(Oh no!! He found the thumb!)

(What a long day, didn't even make it to the crib.)

November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve posted. Here’s an updated picture of Rylan… He’s now 3 months old; A very interactive and happy baby. It's so fun watching him as he's exploring this new world around him. He's always so wide eyed every time we go out.

Such a cutie!

This Halloween we got together with Kyle’s brothers and friend Emily. We went Frisbee Golfing. We’ve seen the parks before, but never actually played. It was pretty fun except the fact they didn’t have a bathroom anywhere...which made for a very long day. :) It was such a beautiful day though! Gorgeous fall weather! It took a few “holes” to get the hang of it. I got tired of chasing after my Frisbee every time, so I decided to be the designated stroller pusher and watched everyone else play.

Kyle on the other hand was pretty good. He even got a hole in two. Which is pretty good considering there were lots of obstacles like trees and rivers, making each hole a little tricky. It was a pretty cool sport.

Kyle, Greg, and Jeff (Brothers)

All bundled up!

By the end sweet Rylan had had enough excitement.

Pretty classic…a pumpkin for Halloween!

It turned out for a pretty nice day... not too spooky or scary. We were even able to get a little candy thanks to Rylan going trick or treating with Daddy at his work. We can't wait until next year when he's a little older and can actually enjoy it himself.