April 15, 2008

New Addition To Home

On Sunday the 13th of April, Kyle and I celebrated our 9 month anniversary!! We had our wedding luncheon at Olive Garden. So Kyle and I have made a tradition of going out to eat on every 13th of the month at Olive Garden. Although it's an every month tradition, it's amazing how good it is every time we go. It hasn't gotten old yet!

Since we've been married for 9 months, Kyle and I decided we wanted to add two cute little additions to our family!! Their names are Kiwi and Tiggy. :) Don't freak out...they're kittens. I would never name my child that although they are cute names. Anyways, Kyle and I both are cat lovers and we've wanted cats since we’ve been married. They are so adorable and fun...especially when they sleep! We're both really excited to have them. They're still in that 'I'm scared and want to hide from every movement and noise stage,' but they're slowly getting out of it. It's amazing how entertaining these two girls are and in how many places they can squeeze themselves into! We live in a small two bedroom apartment, how many hiding places could there be? Take a look yourself! (Sorry about their eyes- freaky looking)