May 11, 2011

Discovery of Daddy's iPhone & Hat

Rylan has recently become very interested in Kyle's iPhone. They like to watch movies and play games every now and then on it. Here are two different times that I have caught Rylan sitting still (a rare thing) and watching whatever it is on Kyle's iPhone!

Just had to throw this random picture in here.... Love this girl!!

Rylan found one of Kyle's hats! Once he discovered how to wear it and saw himself in the mirror, he walked all over the house wearing it like he was the coolest thing. He even had a little hop in his walk... it was pretty funny!

Addilyn was watching Rylan so intently with this hat. So I couldn't resist letting her join in on the fun!

After putting it on Addilyn's head, he tried to put it on his stuffed dog's head too. Such a smart little boy!

Who knew that hats could be so much fun!! :)

May 8, 2011

Discovery Gateway Museum

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake City. We met up with my sister Kimmy since she had the day off from work! I'm soo glad she came because it would have been almost impossible to keep up with Rylan in this place! There was so much to see and do! We had a lot of fun, but I'll let the pictures tell you all about that!

They had a huge ball area with all sorts of chutes and tunnels taking balls up, down and all over!

Rylan watching where the ball went.

Water Play... Rylan's favorite!

Addilyn had to join in the fun... cruising in her first car!! :)

They had a little farm area where Rylan picked his choice of crops to put in his little tractor!

Addilyn wanted to help too!

Driving away...

Addilyn riding her first "horse." She looks like a natural :)

Then we headed over to an area more fit for Addilyn's age. I know I keep saying it... but Addilyn had a lot of "firsts" on this day. This was her first slide she's ever been on... all on her own too. I love her face!

Rylan even got to sit in a helicopter!

We had a ton of fun! And there were a lot more pictures taken of huge blocks to build with, shopping at the grocery store, and much more.... but we had to leave eventually! This is Kimberly and Rylan in the main foyer area before we left.

May 1, 2011

Easter Weekend!


This was Rylan's first time dieing Easter eggs. Last year he basically just watched (which is exactly what Addilyn did this year). He loved it and was so excited about everything. Yes... basically every egg was cracked from him literally throwing and dropping them into the colored cups...but they were still edable :)

He loved pulling them out of the colored die. As soon as it would surface he would say "Ohhh...Ball!"

He also enjoyed putting stickers on some of the eggs after they were dry. He was really into it and afterward would point to each sticker and just smile.

Daddy was such a trooper :)

Easter Sunday-

Addilyn - 8 Months Old

Rylan - 20 Months Old

(This kid was not in the picture taking mood! He would not sit or stand still for even a second!)

Mommy & Addilyn in our Easter dresses :)

When Rylan found his basket Easter morning, the first thing he saw were these Cars pajamas from the movie Cars. We bought it on Blu-ray about two weeks ago and he's basically watched it everyday since. It's the only thing that he wanted and it took us a while to get his attention back to the other things in his basket.

Addilyn got a book in her basket...I love this reaction after we gave it to her to hold!

She was really into it! She's recently started pointing at things when we read books to her. Before she would just smack the page and want to "taste" it. I love how she really looks and points at the pictures with her little pointer finger now.

Later that day we went to dinner at my Mom's and celebrated my sister Kimberly's birthday. My other sister Chrissy and her family were there too. It was a great way to spend our Easter afternoon!

(I don't think she liked them on her head very much.)