April 17, 2012

Rylan David Nielsen

Rylan is 2 1/2 years old now! He is officially potty trained! He is talking so well and in complete sentences. It surprises me sometimes the things he says to me and how clear they come out. Rylan is a huge helper around the house! He's very curious and is always asking questions.

The other day he came up to me and told me he was ready for school! There's no one in our house that goes to school so I have no idea where he made the connection with the back pack and school from... but it made me smile.

Rylan is very smart! He remembers almost everything! I have to be careful what I say and promise him because he will remind me.

He is also creative with his toys. The places that he decides to set up and play around the house make me laugh. He did the following picture all on his own. Smart kid!

One afternoon he figured out that his power ranger could ride the dinosaur and he "flew" him all over the house.

He is definitely a boy... he loves Toy Story, Cars, and trains... and recently has a thing for power rangers (thanks to a little boy he plays with). For the most part he is always happy (except for the days he misses his naps). He loves to smile and make silly, loud laughing noises...

Let's see... a few other random things about Rylan...He loves to eat strawberries but really dislikes oranges. He has a big sweet tooth and loves hot sauce! Sadly that's how we get him to eat most of his food. :/

He loves his sister Addilyn! I don't know what they'd do without each other. They're best buds! They play and follow each other everywhere. He loves to wear pajamas! Even after I get him dressed for the day, he'll bring me a pair of pajama bottoms and ask to wear them. The other day he came downstairs shortly after lunch already dressed in them! Which is also a recent accomplishment of his, he can now get dressed in both pants and shirt all by himself!

He's starting to get really good with his colors and although I've heard him count to 5 many times he loves to count to 4 for everything! It's really weird... but if he had a favorite number I'm sure it'd be 4!

I love this kid so much. His sweet smiles, soft kisses and tight squeezes around my neck make all those exhausting days so worth it! He is growing up way too fast!


Maranda said...

I'm loving all your blog catch up! Your kids are so adorable and growing up so fast. I can't believe Rylan is doing all those things you just said. Way to go on the potty training! Also, I don't know if you did a post about your new house, maybe I missed that, but from what I can see it's gorgeous!! I remember you saying you were going to move last fall. I'm happy you found a great house. Congratulations!