April 17, 2012


Rylan and Addilyn were a lot of fun this Easter! They were both old enough this year to do some of the fun Easter activities. Last year Addilyn wasn't old enough to even dye eggs. Instead she sat in her bouncer and watched (although she probably had no idea what were were doing). She had front row seats this year though! Her hands were pink for a day or two, but she had fun!

Rylan was very particular while he dyed his eggs. After he put the egg in the dye I told him to wait just a minute before we took it out. To a 2 in a half year old that meant nothing so we counted to five. And every egg he did by himself after that he made sure to count to five every time. It was cute hearing him count it out loud with excitement to then be able take the egg out.

Addilyn concentrating very hard to decorate her egg with stickers...

Rylan put all of our decorated eggs on the cupcake holder... he was excited about that!

I'm not brave enough to go out to the public Easter egg hunts yet so we did our own in the living room.

Rylan had gathered almost all of the eggs before Addilyn could even pick up four or five.
Guess I learned my lesson for next year to seperate the two. Addilyn didn't seem to mind though, but I felt bad.

They emptied all of the eggs into their baskets... enjoying the snacks...

Easter morning... Rylan went through his basket in all of 2 minutes. He was so excited!

Addilyn was excited about her little light up chick...

Rylan & Addilyn Easter 2012...